Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud ERP is an ERP system that is managed by Oracle. As it is dependent on a global data center, it enables the app to be based on the cloud. It enables the combination of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with apps to give a bette


SAP ERP is one of the largest vendors for ERP software. It lets the users run their organization features like finance, sales, HRM, etc in an integrated environment. It has various modules like HCM, SD, and QM.


NetSuite is another cloud-based ERP solution, which was built in Microsoft Azure. It gives numerous companies a clear insight into business right from finance to SCM and lets them work swiftly and confidently.

Let ERP Reform  Your Business

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is basically a type of software that converts complex business management into simpler technology. The advantage of ERP is that it wraps up some important business features like distribution, production, and finance. Along with that, it covers low-tier features like customer care, HRM, and market sales. With Cygal Systems’ ERP solutions you can keep eye on every single feature simultaneously and make changes accordingly.

Our team has a huge experience in implementing ERP solutions as they already did the same for numerous clients across the globe. They know the Solutions required for your unique business ideas, enabling a smart decision-making process and making sure your business stays efficient. Our developers use some of the popular ERP software like Oracle Cloud ERP, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.


What Differentiate Us?

Cygal Systems which is based in Bahrain has been working on a variety of ERP platforms for a long period of time. Our developers have mastered using Oracle, SAP, and other popular ERP software. By leveraging the ability of ERP, we help businesses to compete in the market. It is very important to select the right ERP platform according to the requirements of different businesses and our developers know that very well.

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